Apple 2012 Speculations: iPhone 5 4-inch display size

The Apple iPhone 5 or whatever it may be called always brings rumours to the table, but the latest speculation 2012 suggest that this new smartphone will go up in size by point 5 of an inch from the iPhone 4S.

Speculations continue as they always do before official announcements, apparently the iPhone 5 will sport a 4-inch display, this comes via a Wall Street expert according to ibtimes, he mentioned to investors that the new device will start its production in June this year.

Chris Caso, the Susquehanna Financial analyst has not revealed who his source is, so we just got to take his word for it, but a larger screen has been the talk for some time now. Does this mean that Apple will bin its single home button for a wider screen?

Personally, do we really care about the screen size going to 4 inches instead of the normal 3.5-inch, the new smartphone needs longer battery life for starters before they start playing around with display screens. We have used the 3.5-inch iPhone 4S and it is a perfect size for most hands, you want a bigger screen just go get the iPad.

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  1. Jayel1983 says:

    I think a iphone with a 4in display would be great!! Since Tmobile is the stag at the party..set up the radio for tmob field play. I’m a android guy and would definately be a first adopter to give it a whirl..while your at it work on a battery to fit that bigger screen.

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