Casio G-Shock Android phone: Is it good looking?

We must be either mad or stupid; perhaps we need a new set of glasses, because we really like the look of the new Casio G-Shock Android phone.

Mobile phones with the rugged look are fantastic if they can live up to the treatment they can come to expect, the Casio G-Shock would be perfect for those who work in harsh conditions like building sites, or if you are an avid walker or climber.

The Casio G-Shock runs on the Android operating system and features shock resistant to 10 feet, water resistant to 10m, pressure resistant to 1.0 bar, it also has a metal case back, as well as a plastic/resin construction, you will also get a camera and flash.

The Casio G’z0ne was a hefty looking phone, but the G-Shock beats that hands down, we love the design, you might not agree with us so we are open for comments. As soon as we know more about release dates, prices and full specs we will let you know. Do you think it is a good looking phone or an ugly one?

Sources — Facebook / G-Shock Zone via Droid-Life


27 thoughts on “Casio G-Shock Android phone: Is it good looking?”

  1. Frank_kelly says:

    I notice that it is pressure resistant to 1.0 BAR…….. This is normal atmospheric pressure?!.. So this smart phone works at sea level…. WOW

  2. Suhail says:

    I think i was waiting for something like this, not only its bullish, its is a Gladiator which is tough and strong on design. Im only hoping it does have good options as well user compatibility to add on.

  3. milo says:

    It’s cool, but I’d like to see it have;

    gorilla glass (prob. does)

    TV out

    Large battery or extended battery upgrade

    HD recording

    An awesome camera option for “action sports”

    SD HDXC compatibility 64gb+ storage

    g-shock/skull candy headphone combo
    and a processor that at least competes with the
    other top smart phones.



    Otherwise figure out how to get the watch to take
    pictures and receive calls….now there’s an idea.

  4. rad says:

    Thought the commando was ugly at first. But after having over a year, i realize its bulky for durability.  If they make this phone perform like the new Verizon phones ( nexus, razr, galaxy), I will not wait for the free upgrade. Just gonna buy it.

  5. sam rajput says:


  6. Clemente Catacte says:

    As G-Shock watch user from year 2000 until now. I really wish if Casio would have a mobile phone that would have a almost same features with their Watch. Well waiting for the right time, I hope that I could get one. My rating for this kind would be perfect. No worries anymore wet, moist, shock, dust, etc. what so ever… an i and S can’t bet this Casio!!!

  7. Richard says:

    I think this phone looks alot better then the commando and of course is a heck of a lot tougher, i just hope that this phone in addition to being more durable has a better camera, say 8 – 10MP and longer battery life then the commando and of course 4G would be an amazing addition!

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