Forget Honeycomb, HTC Flyer tablet ICS 4.0 releasing

If you are an owner of the HTC Flyer you are probably expecting to be updated to Android 3.2 Honeycomb at some point if you are not already playing along with Honeycomb since HTC announced its roll out to the 7-inch tablet. However even if you have Honeycomb on your Flyer the word is you just might get Android Ice Cream Sandwich before too long.

According to the guys over at Cnet by way of HTC-Hub, the word is HTC expects to roll out Android 4.0 to the HTC Flyer at some point in the first quarter of the year, although at this point it is just a rumour and hasn’t been confirmed.

Apparently the ICS for the HTC Flyer rumour kicked off when a member of HTC-Hub spoke to HTC customer service regarding issues that the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update brought to the HTC Flyer; apparently the Honeycomb update changed the UI and removed much of the user experience customisations of the slate.

Anyway, word is the member in question asked how someone might go about removing the Honeycomb update for the 7-inch tablet and the customer service rep apparently said that it might be better to wait for Android 4.0, and after pushing for an expected ICS update timeframe, the rep indicated sometime in the first quarter.

So there you have it, if true owners of the HTC Flyer could see Android Ice Cream sandwich coming to play nice on their tablet sometime in the next couple of months, of course if a multitude of Flyer owners shout load enough over the Honeycomb issues, HTC just might get their finger out and deliver ICS even sooner.

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