Best Buy vs Radio Shack smartphone price match promise

Ok the title is a bit of a mouthful, but the latest news covers the Radio Shack smartphone price match promise, but will they better than the likes of Best Buy?

If you love deals as most of you do, Radio Shack are starting its bid to be more competitive, and their way of showing this comes in the form of launching their Mobile Low Price Guarantee program, starting January 29th.

This new idea gives Radio Shack employees the chance to price match competitive retailer’s, such as Best Buy, Walmart etc. If customers like a bargain or trade-ins then this might be for you.

Even though Radio Shack are offering the smartphone price match promise, a few have said that this means nothing, and in that if you visit BGR one reader has commented mentioning it means nothing, they go on to say Radio Shack only ever have a couple of decent phones at a good price, problems sometimes occur when going to a store to pick it up with the customer being told that they do not have any and needs to be ordered online.

Then another reader fought back and said if it is not in stock it will be ordered and you will have within three days, how can customers complain now that Radio Shack are starting the “Low Price Guarantee”?

Do you feel Best Buy offers more than Radio Shack, whom will you shop with when buying smartphones?

Source — Sprint Feed

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