BlackBerry 2012 phone makes iPhone 4S look boring

Despite Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphone proving a popular option amongst many of you, the Canadian company have struggled to fend off rival competition from Apple and Samsung, and in 2012 with the introduction of the rumored iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, things are set to explode.

Recently, with sales down of mobile phone handsets and the company’s PlayBook tablet, RIM really has to pull out something special from the bag as it were! Bring on the new BlackBerry concepts for 2012, particularly that of one designed by John Anastasiadis. Thanks to concept-phones.com, the newly thought up phone is a pretty impressive revelation, with an asymmetrical, wraparound design laden in silver and black two tone color.

As you can see from the image above, the new concept phone from Anastasiadis, of whom has used his experience and skills within the tech world, has incorporated keys into the wraparound design, with features such as Google’s Chrome, Facebook and multitasking. A button allowing the screen to be locked can be seen, whilst at the same time the use of taking pictures, with both rear and front cameras being concealed behind the display.

Judging by this new concept with others no doubt on the way, we have to say it makes Apple’s iPhone 4S plus others look slightly boring! Are you in agreement?

Give us your thoughts. Should future BlackBerry smartphones look like this?


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry 2012 phone makes iPhone 4S look boring”

  1. TheQuietRioterlives says:

    Yes! Blackberry needs to step up and give their customers different options in terms of function and appearance. I’d live to see a Blackberry that’s purely touch screen and has no qwerty keyboard. This would give us a bigger screen. I wish RIM could make a BB that has the web browsing ease of Apple and the media options and functionality of the HTC Rhyme. What on earth is RIM waiting on?

  2. Celeni Richins says:

    I like the qwerty keyboard on my BB Torch, so I would hate to see it go.  I would like the BB to be lighter/less bulky.  It doesn’t need to follow Apple to be innovative.  Personally, I don’t like the iPhone and would hate for RIM to follow in their wake.  A rear and front camera would be awesome!  I would LOVE to test drive any phones when they become available!!

  3. There is nothing good as the Blackberry QWERTY keyboard… you can actually use BBM with your Blackberry while you are talking with someone else… it’s not like the virtual keyboard on iPhone.. i has the Blackberry Bold 9700 and then i moved to iPhone… I didn’t liked it too much so I sold my iPhone and got myself a new Blackberry (Bold 9900) and this is really much more nice then the iPhone as a phone..If you have a Blackberry Bold 9900 and a Blackberry Playbook you will be much more happy then having a iPhone device. 

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