Galaxy S3 missing from Mobile World Congress 2012: Update

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Obviously the next big reveal anticipated from the Samsung camp is the successor to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 the aptly named Samsung Galaxy S3 and many are expecting old Sammy to dish the dirt on their latest Android smartphone during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona next month.

However apparently that is not the case as according to the guys over at Slash Gear both The Verge and BestBoyz are claiming that old Sammy will not be showing off the Samsung Galaxy S3 during MWC 2012.

The word is the Galaxy S3 will be AWOL during MWC due to the Android smartphone still having a couple of problems that have impacted on the release date for the handset, but at this time just what those problems are is unclear.

Having said that of course, old Sammy hasn’t confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would make its debut into the mobile space at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona anyway, but there has been speculation that they would do so.

No word on just what devices Samsung will tout in place of the Galaxy S3 at MWC 2012, but apparently the Korean company does have some “interesting stuff” to show off, but no doubt for most of the Android faithful the Galaxy S3 missing at the even will be a big downer.

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UPDATE: According to TechRadar Samsung have confirmed that the SGS3 will NOT be at MWC 2012, it will have its own separate event, more on this here.

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