Android ICS 4.0 making love to Sony S & P tablets

Sooner or later quite a few Android smartphones and tablet will see an update to the latest Google guy’s operating system, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and obviously most want to know just when they can expect that OS update to hit their device. Well if you own the Sony Tablet S or Sony Tablet P we have some news on the ISC update.

According to the guys over at Tech Crunch, Sony has come forth and told them that they will be delivering Android Ice Cream Sandwich to their tablets sometime in the spring, and this is apparently the first time Sony has offered a timeframe for the ICS update.

Apparently whilst at an even in London a Sony spokesperson confirmed that the Android 4.0 update would hit both the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P simultaneously in spring, but didn’t offer a firm date.

This then should mean that Sony slates should receive Android Ice Cream Sandwich roughly the same time as Sony smartphones.

During said event, Sony also demonstrated PlayStation certified gaming on the Sony Tablet S and apparently announced they have now made it compatible with a PlayStation controller, which means you no longer have to use the on-screen controls.

As for that ICS update, Sony has said it would deliver Microsoft Office to the tablets, however they didn’t mention any other details on what the Android 4.0 update would bring.

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