Hello Hyundai IT A7 sub-$80 tablet: Update

As you may have noticed there is quite a lot of talk about tablet devices recently, what with our recent report on Sony’s new Crystal and a new tablet designed just for kids. With the features and ease of use that these slates offer no surprise that so many manufacturers are jumping on the tablet bandwagon.

Adding to the portable screen lineup is a new device from Hyundai. Now while we understand that Hyundai are generally recognized for their automotive prowess, it’s worth noting that they involved in other areas., we must let our readers know that Frank Ahrens, Director of Global P.R. for Hyundai Motor emailed us stating that the Hyundai maker of this tablet is in no way connected to Hyundai Motor

With the Hyundai IT A7, you get a standard sized 7-inch Android based tablet running an Allwinner A10 CPU, this pushes out 1.5GHz with 8GB and 512 MB DDR RAM. The 7-inch capacitive touch display manages a resolution of 800 x 480, and with an HDMI screen output you can enjoy 1080p HD videos.

According to Netbooknews.com, other extras include slots for SD and TF cards allowing storage to be upped to 32GB. WiFi and External 3G are available but Bluetooth and GPS are left out. Now while this tablet from Hyundai may not set the world on fire for around $79 it certainly offers easy access into the tablet market.

Tell us if a low cost tablet like the A7 could interest you, or are you willing to pay more for a more mainstream device?


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