iPhone photography accessories: iPro 2X Tele Lens

Everyone wants the best photos from their smartphone and there are a few accessories available out there, and today we look at one such photography accessory for the iPhone in the form of the iPro 2X Tele Lens that although isn’t an extreme telephoto lens will bring your subject matter closer for shots.

According to the guys over at Cnet, the iPro 2X Tele Lens has been designed to fit your photographic need on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S and extended the focal length to roughly 60mm, and according to Schneider Optics, the makers of the accessory, the iPro 2X Tele Lens covers the iOS smartphones photo and film formats without vignetting so that image quality is good not just in the centre by across the entire frame.

The iPro 2X Tele Lens housing is manufactured in anodised aluminium alloy whilst the multi-element optics are made from high grade optical glass with high efficiency multiplayer coatings.

There are now three lenses in the iPro iPhone range, the newest being the iPro 2X Tele Lens, the others are a wide angle lens that increased the iPhone field of view by some 35% and the other is a fisheye that delivers a 165 degree field of view.

Each of the three lenses attach to your iPhone by means of the iPro case that utilises an easy bayonet mount to enable rapid changing of the lenses.

Price wise the iPro 2X Tele Lens for the iPhone has an estimated price of 100-bucks, and should become available sometime in April, whilst both the fisheye and wide angle iPro lenses are available already at a cost of $199 each.

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  1. I saw this at one of the mobile store in the mall. I really wanted to buy this but i decided to search some reviews first about this iPhone accessories because i want to know if this is worth buying.

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