Sprint Sign-up page for Galaxy Nexus, release mystery

If you are over the pond in the good old US of A and your preferred carrier is Sprint and you are patiently waiting for the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone to come out to play on the network, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus you just might like to know that the official Sprint Galaxy Nexus sign-up page is now live.

According to the guys over at Android Central, potential Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners on Sprint can now register their details to receive “more information” on the ICS handset, which is also the first 4G LTE smartphone from Sprint.

The guys also say that they already know the Sprint version of the Android 4.0 smartphone will arrive with 32GB of storage, and there is plenty of speculation out there that the Sprint version may sport different features.

Apparently some assume due to an earlier advert that apparently showed the Sprint Galaxy Nexus with a 1.5GHz CPU that could have possibly been a misprint that the device might have a higher CPU speed, whilst there is rumour that the device just might come packing a bigger stock battery based on the fact that during CES no one was allowed to photograph the rear of the handset.

However all that remains in rumour territory until such times as Sprint actually release their version of the Galaxy Nexus, the release date for which still remains a bit of a mystery, but if you are a Sprint fan and wish to learn more on the handset you can now at least sign up for such by heading over to Here.

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