New open source Linux-based Spark tablet

Well it appears that there’s a new 7-inch tablet heading for the mobile space that isn’t an Android based slate for once, but will rather run the open source Linux based operating system along with the KDE Plasma Active user interface and the tablet is known as the Spark tablet.

According to an article over on Liliputing, KDE Plasma Active member Aaron Seigo revealed the Spark tablet over the weekend and the slate is apparently expected to ship “soon” and will command a price tag of roughly 200 Euros, so that’s about US $265.

Spec wise the KDE Spark tablet sports a 7-inch multi-touch touch screen along with a 1GHz AMLogic processor with Mali 400 graphics 512MB of RAM, WiFi, 4GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot but other than this slate being the first tablet to come with Plasma Active preinstalled not much else is known.

Obviously the Spark isn’t the most powerful slate to arrive and there are numerous slates available with faster processors and more memory, but in this particular case it’s the tablet’s software that sets it apart from the rest.

The KDE Plasma Active software platform is for those interested in developing software and apparently the team is working on making the tablet as usable as possible and there will be a content store for downloading paid and free applications.

For those interested in the Plasma Active platform we have a couple of introduction videos for your viewing pleasure below so don’t forget to mash those play buttons and check them out.

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