Android Stocks app: Chaikin Power Tools is the business

If you are one of the Android faithful that likes to invest and thus would like to keep your eye on stocks so you can make those all important investment decisions then you might like to know there’s a new app available called the Chaikin Power Tools Stock app.

The Chaikin Power Tools Stock app for Android devices helps users to invest like pros, find the winners and drop the losers and this app delivers investment research tools that were previously only available to Wall Street firms.

The Chaikin Power Tools Stock app features the unbiased Chaikin Power Gauge Rating that delivers an in-depth analysis of a stocks potential shown in simple displays where red is bearish and green is bullish.

With the Chaikin Power Tools Stock app watchlist the user can enter up to twenty stock symbols to check the rating changes and current price, and gain more detail using Chaikin Power Gauge components 6-month Charts, Fundamentals and intra-day.

The Chaikin Power Tools Stock app has been designed to run of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above smartphones and as such Android tablets and older smartphones may experience some capability issues.

Anyway, if you do happen to be one of those that loves to watch stocks so you make that right investment decision you can download the Chaikin Power Tools Stock app to your particular device for free by heading on over to the Android Market.

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