HTC EVO 3D ADK runs Linux & Windows 95/ 98/ XP

For those that love tinkering with their smartphone, if you own an HTC EVO 3D smartphone it appears there is now a way of running a computer operating system on the Android handset rather than a mobile one, and apparently the process of doing so is somewhat easy and quick, although personally I’m not sure why you’d want to do it but I figure no doubt there are those that would love Windows or Linux on their handset.

Anyway according to the guys over at XDA-developers, one of their senior members known as mnomaanw has now posted the method for getting Linux, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows XP running on your HTC EVO 3D handset.

Apparently all that is required is for the user to download the necessary software, modify a couple of files and run the apk, then just wait for the boot and you are done and ready to go.

The word is the controls are fairly easy to understand and make great use of basically all the hardware including the menu and home buttons.

So here are the instructions: “- It emulate touchpad on touchscreen and left/right mouse buttons on volume
– You can also click touch screen to generate mouse left button click. (this does not work every time)
– Back = BackSpace, Menu = Enter, left-upper corner click generates TAB
– left-lower corner click popups keyboard”

Of course if you do give this a go you need to make sure you back up your handset beforehand, but for those HTC EVO 3D owners out there that would like to give it a whirl you can download all the necessary by hitting up Here.

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