Developer creating apps for iPhone 5 NFC

Since before the arrival of the iPhone 4S, rumours on the iPhone 5 and what the latest iOS smartphone would bring to the tablet have made their way around the net in abundance, probably mainly due to Apple letting the side down by not changing the design with the iPhone 4S, and one such rumour is that the iPhone 5 could possibly sport Near Field Communication.

As usual Apple is late to the game with this kind of tech as they are with most things, anyway according to the guys over at Information Week by way of 9to5 Mac, word is there is a developer working on an NFC app for the iPhone 5.

The unnamed developer has said that Apple’s iOS engineers are “heavily into NFC,” and that said developer is so confident the iPhone 5 will arrive with NFC aboard he’s willing “to bet the app development on it.”

This basically means the developer is prepared to put his money where his mouth is and create apps for a feature that has as yet been unannounced for the iPhone 5.

Of course if Apple does bring Near Field Communication to the iPhone then mobile payments will no doubt take off in a big way, but if they don’t then it looks like this developer may be wasting his time and money.

In the USA NFC has yet to gain a firm footing, last summer Google, Samsung and Sprint went NFC with Google Wallet but it only works on one network and on few devices, whilst this year Verizon disabled the NFC feature on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although it is said Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have teamed with Visa to deliver Isis for NFC based mobile payment.

Anyway as Apple never reveal what features their latest devices will sport until such times as they are good and ready to do so, do you think this time Apple will deliver VFC capability with the iPhone 5?

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One thought on “Developer creating apps for iPhone 5 NFC”

  1. Joep says:

    Pretty sure NFC is coming. only question is what apps will be most favourable and needed. highly depends on available hardware and financial services.
    I have my own short list of preferred NFC enabled functions, but….what do you think? Where will the killer NFC be for?


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