iPhone 5 release on track: WWDC 2012 June unveil

Everything seems to be going back to normal at the Apple head quarters, and the iPhone seems to be on track for a June / July release. Hopefully these months will come true considering the iPhone 5 is expected to launch at WWDC 2012 in June.

Ever since 2007 when the iPhone 2G was released in June, the next model was the 3G released in July 2008, then came the 3GS June 2009, the iPhone 4 was June 24, 2010, and then it was the iPhone 4S that changed suit and released October 14, 2011.

The iPhone 5 according to DiGiTimes will have its unveil time at WWDC 2012 June 2012, hopefully these are not rumours. Specs have also been mentioned such as utilizing glass-to-glass touch panel technology, have to wait and see to if the above stacks up.

Whilst we sit and wait for the official Apple announcement, lets look into “WHAT IF”; this is where we look into the speculated specs, such as iPhone 5 NFC inclusion, larger 4-inch display, how about a new Apple smartphone with a removable battery and card slot?

Would be nice to see the new iPhone 5 (If this is what it will be called) have special nanotech waterproof coating, and a unibody aluminium just like the iPad.

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One thought on “iPhone 5 release on track: WWDC 2012 June unveil”

  1. I Walker1175 says:

    I do hope the iPhone 5 comes out a little earlier this year ! I’m so looking forward to having a new looking iPhone and this years model should definetly be a differant looking device hopefully.

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