Sprint Kyocera DuraPlus proud to be tough

Sprint has now announced rugged mobile phone in the form of the Kyocera DuraPlus for Sprint Direct Connect push to talk services. The Sprint Kyocrea DuraPlus handset boasts military grade durability along with a built in LED flashlight with a dedicated power button so you can navigate during power outages.

According to Sprint, the Kyocrea DuraPlus phone is certified to military standard 810G, meaning the handset is resistant to blowing rain, water immersion up to 30 minutes in one metre of water, humidity, vibration, extreme temperatures, shock and dust.

The Kyocera DuraPlus is on Sprint Direct Connect, Sprint’s push to talk services that enable users to “get more done” at the push of a button and includes “Guaranteed Talk Permit” that means when you hear a ‘chirp’ your call has been transmitted, “Call Alert with Text” allowing the user to send an optional text to let people know you are trying to contact them, “Group Connect” whereby you can communicate with up to 20 subscribers.

Other Sprint Direct Connect services include, “One Touch Direct Connect” delivering quick access to multiple direct connect options, “NextMail” giving the ability to send a recorded message to any email or mobile phone, and “TeamDC”that enables you to communicate with up to 200 other Sprint Direct Connect subscribers at the same time.

As for that Kyocera DuraPlus handset, no word on any specs the device offers the user other than what has already been mentioned, and the handset is expected to release sometime in the first half of the year; however at the moment there’s no word on pricing.

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