B&N Nook Tablet playing nice with CyanogenMod 7

CyanogenMod 7 is a custom version of Android based on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, and word is a team of developers have now successfully ported CyangenMod 7 to the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, and we have some video evidence of that for your viewing pleasure below.

According to the guys over at Liliputing, there are still numerous bugs with CyanogenMod 7 for the Nook so for the moment the devs have removed download links and such so they can work out the kinks.

Apparently when all is ready and good to go there will be two ways of installing CyanogenMod 7 onto your B&N Nook tablet, first you can install to the slate’s internal storage or second you can install to a bootable SD card.

If you opt to install to the internal storage you will of course lose the tablet software, but you an back-up the slate before installing CyanogenMod 7 so you can restore to the default software at any time, and if you opt to install via a bootable SD card this won’t change the default software whatsoever.

So with that said, we have two videos for your consideration below, the first is a hands o video from YouTube user Xboxexpert and is the Nook tablet with CM7 running from external EMMC or SD whilst the other is from Celticwebsolutions and is the Nook tablet running CyanogenMod 7 alpha 3.

So all you need to do now is head on down and mash those play buttons to check out CyanogenMod 7 running on the Nook tablet. Oh and apparently the word is the developers are working on a port of CyanogenMod 9 that is based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but no word on when we might see that.

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