RIM downfall: Halliburton dumping BlackBerry for iPhone

For Canadian company Research in Motion, developers of the BlackBerry smartphone, things seem to be taking a turn for the worse, with company Halliburton now deciding to take away the BlackBerry device running on Android’s OS from its employees, with a change to Apple’s iPhone with iOS platform.

RIM over the last few months have been struggling to keep up with rival competition, with sales of the PlayBook tablet dropping as well as a drop in stocks and shares. Today according to AppleInsider, some 4,500 of Halliburton employees were informed that the phone handset would be changing via an internal newsletter.

The company which specializes in oilfield services and products, which not only are based in Texas US but in Dubai, have looked into what the iPhone with iOS platform will offer, and have concluded that iOS offers better controls, security for app development as well as capability.

For the company who took on the BlackBerry some 10 years ago, the change is a much-welcomed one.

Are you an employee of Halliburton, what are your thoughts of a change in smartphone? If not, how do you see RIM devices squaring up against the likes of Apple and Samsung?

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