Update: Cute Andru Android robot collectible charges

UPDATE: The Andru Android Robot USB Phone Travel Charger for the UK (LGR-001 UK) and EU version (LGR-001 EU) are both priced at £20.99 and they are available right now. For more information please read our latest article here.

We know there are many of the Android faithful out there that simply love to collect Android collectables, and today we have a cutesy Android collectible that is quite practical as well, and this Android collectible is called Andru, an Android robot mascot complete with stand and doubles as a USB handset charger.

According to the guys over at Android Community, the Andru collectable/charger is made by a company called Gen, and the little Android robot is 2.5-inches tall and lightweight and can power all Android smartphones although it might struggle to charge Android tablets as they require more juice.

Andru is made from soft matte green covered rubber so there is no need to worry about snapping of the Android robot’s tiny antenna when plugging in the USB and the antennas are bendable, and even has movable arms.

Apparently when plugged in, Andru’s tiny eyes glow white when in standby mode and glow blue when charging your device.

The guys have also made a hands on with Andru video, which we have for your viewing consideration below so don’t forget to head on down and mash that play button and check out the three-minute footage.

The Andru collectable charger comes with a 1.2m microUSB cable and can be added to your Android collectable collection at a price of just 25-bucks by hitting up the Powerbygen website.

We’d love to know if Andru captures your collectible attention and you plan on purchasing the device so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below if you do.

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