Google Chrome for Android Beta for ICS 4.0 devices

Many since its official launch in 2008, have chosen to use browser Google Chrome, but today news has filtered through that Chrome has now progressed onto Android Beta, bringing with it other benefits to those using Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS on their smartphone or tablet device.

According to blogspot.com, similar to the desktop version, the new Android Beta shows improvements to speed and ease of use with added benefits such as sign in and sync, which in basic terms allows you to use your web browsing in different locations across devices.

One of the improvements we’ve mentioned above is that of speed, which thanks to Chrome for Android Beta, means that navigation, searching and browsing are faster with web pages opening quicker, with search and navigation being accessed quickly through Chrome’s omnibox. Ease of use is now a factor, with tabs fitting nicely across a phone and tablet screen with a varying amount of tabs being opened using intuitive gestures.

With privacy in mind for the new Chrome for Android, signing in to your Android device is easy, with benefits including synced bookmarks, allowing you to see your favourite websites wherever you go and no matter what device you are using at the time.

Give us your feedback on the new Chrome Android Beta?


4 thoughts on “Google Chrome for Android Beta for ICS 4.0 devices”

  1. Hollandwl says:

    They are missing 3 important, fundamental items:
    1.  Can’t set your home page
    2.  No home button available to quickly return to your home page
    3.  No close button.  Either have to keep going back until it closes or switch to your home screen or other app.  All of these leave it in memory.

  2. Andy says:

    Hate to say it but I quite like the Opera browser. It’s fast and there are some nice features, like the way it zooms in if it’s not quite sure what you were trying to tap (e.g. links that are close together for fat fingers). Chrome isn’t bad but I agree with Hollandwl about the missing home page and button. At the end of the day I seem to keep going back to Dolphin.

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