HTC phone size & battery less important than 4G

Although HTC was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to deliver a 4G LTE enabled smartphone in the form of the HTC Vivid, it appears that HTC is regretting going with 4G during 2011 at the expense of all else, but hopes that the “next product cycle” will change that mistake and plans on fewer and better smartphone this year.

According to an article over on Electronista, by way of Slash Gear, Winston Yong, CEO of HTC has stated there was a “lukewarm reception” for all fall devices, but where they were willing to make “thick short-lived devices” simply for the sake of having 4G was a mistake.

Apparently HTC Thunderbolt return rates were rumoured to be quite high due to the battery lasting just 6-hours when using 4G LTE connectivity.

Apple has of course not jumped aboard the 4GLTE bandwagon with the iPhone yet, with the argument that 4G LTE handsets require too many sacrifices, a decision it would appear HTC’s turnabout now validates.

HTC wont be giving up 4G LTE in 2012 though but they will need to wait for a new Qualcomm chip to ship that will possibly make for more battery efficient and smaller devices that what is available right now.

Apparently the first handsets in HTC’s “next product cycle” are expected to debut during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona later this month, which according to rumour should be the HTC EDGE and HTC Ville.

So what are our readers opinions on this matter, do you agree that HTC should have held off delivering 4G enabled handsets like Apple has done with a 4G enabled iPhone, and concentrate on better battery efficiency and slimmer devices, or do you feel HTC was right in getting 4G LTE handsets out there?

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  1. Asds says:

    Being a 4G phone was a deciding factor in buying the Thunderbolt. It is a hassel charging the phone but if you in the office or in your car you can easily plug it in, it not all that bad. Im now a “HTC Sense” fan and appreciate HTC not making harder to root phone

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