Smart watches 2012: WIMM One vs inPulse

It seems that the Smart watch looks to be taking off in the mobile space as we have seem a few in the past, most recently at CES 2012 with the likes of the Sony Smartwatch, and then there is of course the I’m Watch, but most seem to be on the Android platform and today we have a couple of other Samrt watches for your consideration in the form of the WIMM One and inPulse.

The guys over at Engadget managed to get some playtime with the WIMM One and inPulse smart watches back at CES and have posted a couple of hands-on videos with the devices, which we have for your viewing consideration below.

So let’s kick off with the inPulse smartwatch, which has been around for quite a while starting off for BlackBerry but now supports select Android devices such as most Motorola devices and all Nexus handsets.

When it comes to specs the inPulse sports a 128 x 96 pixel 1.26-inch passive matrix OLED display, one button for input, BlueCore4-ROM chipset, 52MHz ARM7 processor, 8KB RAM, 1MB of serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash memory, along with Bluetooth and micro-USB options for charging, and the Li-ion battery usually last a day and a half on a 45-minute charge.

On to the WIMM One smartwatch that offers a 160 x 160 pixel 1.41-inch bi-modal glass capacitive touch screen along with 256MB of RAM and 2GB flash storage, 667Mhz ARM11 processor, recessed power button, peizo speaker, vibrating motor, WiFi ad Bluetooth connectivity and a GPS receiver that is apparently disabled at the moment due to performance reasons.

When it comes to apps, the inPulse can only run a single app at a time, the WIMM One is capable of running multiple Android apps.

The guys do say though that the inPulse smartwatch still has several issues that stop it from becoming mainstream, such as it isn’t rugged enough because the device showed signs of small scratches on the glass after only a few days wear. Whereas the WIMM One is a more rugged wrist device although the backside contacts tend to get somewhat dirty that results in connection problems when slapped into the paddle charger.

Anyway that’s more than enough from me, so I’ll simply let you head on down to hit those two play buttons and check out the hands on video with the WIMM One and inPulse smart watches…enjoy.

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