Bondi the trendy gadget for iPhone with multiple uses

There are many iPhone accessories out there, but not that many with multiple uses, meaning you can do loads more wit this particular iPhone gadget than with a normal iOS smartphone or any other phone holder. The trendy gadget in question is the Bondi, an essential gadget that has simply been designed to hold things such as your smartphone.

He Bondi has been designed for people on the go, and basically delivers a multitude of uses, as the Bondi can bend, stretch, and virtually do anything with it, such as hold your mobile phone, hang your device up whilst charging, prop open a door, hang up your keys so they don’t get lost, prop up a book for easier reading.

With the Bondi the possibilities seem to be endless, and is roughly the size of a hand with a hook, a bit like a coat hanger but with many more uses, the accessory ahs two arms and legs just to make it a little more human, and will hold your processions tightly.

You can use Bondi to hang up your mobile phone whilst working out at the gym, riding a bicycle or pushing a pram, it can tie back curtains, be used as a bookmark, hold note pads and pens on your desk and more.

Bondi is made of high quality silicone that can be bent into practically any shape and is available in numerous colours such as black, dark blue, green, orange, red and more and commands a price tag of £14.95 from the iBondi website.

We have a quick demonstration video of Bondi for your viewing consideration below so head on down and hit that play button to find out just how versatile Bondi can be.

Have to say, this little gadget does look to be very useful and not just with your phone, and I’m pretty sure it would work with other smartphones than the iPhone, so of course if you do decide to purchase we’d love to hear your opinion of Bondi so feel free to share them to our comments area below.

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