Dash 3D Windows Phone app challenging and frustrating

For those Windows Phone gamers out there that enjoy playing fast and crazy games whilst being challenged with 3D obstacle courses there a little app available called Dash 3D for Windows Phone that might hit your gaming need for crazy rolling speed.

With the Dash 3D app for Windows Phone the gamer has to guide a small ball through a maze of obstacle courses such as rotating walls, and dangerous hazards whilst picking up power-ups along the way so you can keep going.

The object of Dash 3D is to keep on going as fast as you can collect those power-ups and try to achieve the perfect time. Moving through the obstacle courses is achieved by tilting your smartphone to steer the rolling ball and touch to jump.

Once your control skill improves the gamer can unlock dozens of courses over 8 difficulty levels, and each has its own leaderboard so the gamer can compare times. You can also use the in-game editor to create your very own courses and share with others.

Judging by the many comments on the app Dash 3D does seem to be quite a fun and addictive game with gamers say Dash 3D is awesome, interesting, fun, challenging but frustrating, and a must have game on your Windows Phone device.

We also have a demonstration Dash 3D video for your viewing consideration below so head on down and mash the play button to check out the game before heading off to the Windows Phone Marketplace where you can download the app for free…enjoy.

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