Galaxy S2 ICS update date possibility

Now everyone in the Android space wants the latest operating system from the Google guys, and we recently learn which HTC Android handset will see an update as reported here, but what about Samsung handsets such as the very popular Samsung Galaxy S2? Well word has come down with a possible date for the SGS2 ICS update.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear the guy that usually comes forth with such information before they are officially announced albeit not always spot on, Elder Murtazin use his Twitter account to break the Galaxy S2 Android Ice Cream Sandwich update news.

Here what Murtazin tweeted…”Android 4 aka ics for sgs2 will be officially available from march 1 (depends from country/operator). Update over the air or using kies.”

So basically if Murtazin is correct it will depend on which country you are in and which operator you are with whether your Samsung Galaxy S2 will see Android 4.0 update arrive to your device on the 1st of next month.

Murtazin also stated on Twitter that for those that own the Samsung Galaxy Note the device will gain the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update any time between March and May and will again depend on what country you are in and which carrier you are with and the same goes for other Samsung devices.

Of course old Sammy hasn’t confirmed any of this as far as I am aware, but if Murtazin is spot on you can look for ICS for your Galaxy S2 come the first day of March and hopefully he is right.

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