iPad 3 appearance pointing to March 9th?

As soon as Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released last March, news came about that the Cali Company had already started to consider their next third generation device, still to this day to be called the iPad 3. Here at Phones Review, we’ve spoken on a handful of occasions about its possible specifications and we’ve tried to keep you updated about its launch.

News is still pointing to a March announcement with our very own James just this morning, giving you news that Apple are preparing for it by selecting apps to demo on stage as well as the use of commercials. What we wanted to update you with is that the Apple iPad 3 is destined to be announced the first week of March with what appears today to be the release date of March 9th?

We have to say that this is not concrete information but according to t3.com via YourDailyMac, the iOS 5.1 software release date will be coming at the same time. News has suggested that Apple will be talking about 11 profiles compatible with iOS 5.1 for devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If we cast our minds back a year ago, the date of March 9th would in fact be the same time as the second-generation tablet released.

Tell us what you would like to see from the new iPad 3? Are you an avid Apple fan and have to have the latest device? Or do you think that other manufacturers deserve a mention?


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