Choosing iPhone 4S or waiting for iPhone 5?

As we all know the iPhone 4S will see some major price drops over the coming months, this is always the way to get rid of stock o put a new smartphone on the shelves, the problem many customers face is the choice of getting a cheaper iPhone 4S or waiting for the new iPhone 5 to release.

But it appears that Apple doesn’t really need to deliver an all new iOS smartphone to keep hold of their faithful iOS following as evidenced with the release of the iPhone 4S, many opting to still purchase the iPhone 4S although it looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4 and didn’t really offer much else.

According to the rumours, the iPhone 5 may come with a new design, something the iPhone faithful thought would happen with the iPhone 4S, also rumour has it the next generation iPhone could come with a bigger 4-inch touch screen, whilst there has also been speculation that the iPhone 5 will arrive with Liquipel waterproofing.

When will the iPhone 5 arrive? Well recent rumour has it we can expect the next generation iOS smartphone to surface in June/July hopefully during WWDC 2012 in June.

However, the big question is will the iPhone 5 appeal enough to the iPhone faithful and new customers out there to get them to shell out yet another large quantity of bucks especially as the iPhone 4S will undoubtedly see a price drop before the iPhone 5 arrives.

As always everything to do with the iPhone 5 is unconfirmed rumour, as we all know Apple wont let on until they are good and ready, but if Apple doesn’t deliver on that new design this time round will you be tempted to give the iPhone 5 a miss and stick with your iPhone 4S, or if the 4S gets lowered enough in price will you opt for the 4S rather than handing out a huge amount for the iPhone 5?

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12 thoughts on “Choosing iPhone 4S or waiting for iPhone 5?”

  1. Sammywiggans says:

    I don’t have an iPhone right now, so I am presently saving up for the iPhone 5, when ever it comes out I will get it on release day, as my town isn’t very big and I have no lines to wait in 🙂

    1. jhenderson says:

      Saving up for an iPhone…. I think that says it all.  Go buy an android you can get with a contract for $99 or completely buy it for $349 and go for monthly unlimited data and phone calling for $50 with groups like t-mobile or wait and wait, save, ditch everything else to get a phone that can’t do flash

        1. Arnoud01 says:

          Never been on a Android site?? than you wil Never believe how many apple fans have an open mind 🙂
          Now i prefer Android but maybe the 5, with 4inch screen, will change me…. Maybe…

      1. I have an android.  I’ve had two different kind and I have had nothing but problems out of them.  The software is not seemless.  I think that the problem is that the UI and the Android OS do not work well with one another.  Think about it in terms of computers. No matter what kind of PC you have, it doesn’t have its own OS.  they all run windows.  They all work the same.  Otherwise the user experience is fragmented, going from one pc to another would present a learning curve and sometimes the two interfaces will not….. interface well.  I look forward to returning to the iPhone.  I am waiting to see if Apple will release a new iPhone this year before I do so.  Hopefully it will be a 4G phone with a minimum 4 inch screen. Those are two features I want on my phone. 
        My girlfriend says that my android keeps having problems because I have all these apps on it and I just need to check email, use my calendar and use a phone like a phone.  But the problem is, I want and now need my phone to do much more than that.  and if it can’t do it well then I need other options.  The androids have not done it well.  They’ve actually sucked at it.   Iphone is finally on my carriers plan, now I am just waiting. While androids can be stylish and give you the ability to do what mobile computing is supposed to do.  It doesn’t work well enough.  There’s always some glitch that keeps it from doing what I need it to do when I need it to. I want my iphone back.  I want the experience of using a smartphone that does what I need when I need it without constantly crashing, freezing, or rebooting in on its own. I want my phone to be smart and anticipate my needs and don’t make me jump through hoops just to do simple tasks of installing software, or downloading a file.  I want to know where that file goes and easily be able to find it and access it. Yeah I know there’s an app for that, but it’s not simple either. Androids are not user friendly. Androids do not inspire brand loyalty.  Androids are like rental cars, you get one cuz you need it.  You don’t plan on keeping it around, and most times its not exactly what you want but it’ll do.

  2. Tonyskoll says:

    I have a htc rezound whit is Droid phone. I believe eve bury have the right to read . For me is al about tecnologia. Is no meters of is iPhone or Droid.I have droi phone for long time and I don’t se nothing wrong whit.

  3. thelost1 says:

    bah hahahahaha! The Apple iPhone line is the single most successful consumer product release in the history of man, It has just begun people!!! All you “droid fans” HA, Apple iPhone does and will continue to set the benchmark for all modern smartfones. Go crawl under your rock with your HTC or samsung or whatever driod you hold so dear.
    R.I.P. Steve Jobs
    co-founder of Pixar
    board of directors at Walt Disney
    co-founder of Apple

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