New Sprint ‘Upgrade Now’ program stops the wait

Coming to the end of your mobile contract can be as exciting as Christmas, with the anticipation of what new device we will choose ourselves, we start to shop around and check out specs. Obviously here at Phones Review we try to bring you the latest information about the newest smartphones, either currently on the market or waiting in the wings.

The problem is once you have made your choice and signed on the proverbial dotted line, your new handset could well be superseded by the next generation device within a couple of months. This is the downside of our fast moving technology, which isn’t helped with the thought of being stuck with your new device for the next 12 or 24 months.

However there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for serial upgrader’s, according to Phone Arena. Sprint are trialling their latest idea named “Upgrade Now”, which when signed up to allows the user to chop in their handset early. By doing this they keep on top of the smartphone game, but pay for the privilege. Costs are said to be less than the non-contract outlay but more than the new customer discounted prices.

What price tag will be displayed will be determined by which handset is chosen and how long the subscriber has left on their current plan. It is a good way for customers to get what they want and as Sprint Communications Manager stated in an email, “Sprint continues to be committed to earning our customers loyalty. The offer is intended to help give customers who are on contract but may need (or want) a new phone another option. This is not a nationwide program. It is a trial program in select markets.”

Give us your thoughts on the “Upgrade Now” promotion from Sprint, would you be willing to pay the extra to change early, or are you prepared to wait?


One thought on “New Sprint ‘Upgrade Now’ program stops the wait”

  1. Crow2 says:

    The program would be a no brainer as long as the price is less than the going on line price.
    It is sad that Sprint dropped the yearly upgrade for long time customers.

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