Sort of iPhone 4S running Android ICS 4.0

We thought we’d give readers a strange thing to contemplate today so how about an Apple iPhone 4S running Android ICS 4.0. Well, of course this is not the real thing, rather an iPhone 4S lookalike that has been brought to our attention but we thought it was interesting enough to share with you.

Although the iPhone 4S is now officially released in China it hasn’t stopped the usual Shanzai brigade coming up with their own versions. This clone iPhone 4S certainly looks the part and whether it’s intended to deceive, or merely an option for those who don’t want to pay iPhone prices, it certainly gives the iPhone a twist to see it running Android instead of iOS, especially the recently released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However this particular ICS appears to have been skinned so that it looks closer to iOS.

This clone iPhone 4S was brought to our attention by Ubergizmo and to be fair the phony iPhone not only looks pretty convincing but it also has at least a few similar specs, although certainly not all. For instance it has the same sized screen as the iPhone 4S with the same resolution of 960×640 and cameras front and rear. It also has a 7227-T HTC Touch processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and also WCDMA 3G technology. There’s even built-in Vlingo voice assistant to rival Apple’s Siri. However it is slightly lighter weighing in at 114g though we don’t think many would deduce it was a fake just because of the weight.

After seeing this iPhone 4S clone running Android 4.0 ICS it has made us wonder. If the internal specs were in fact a match for Apple’s iPhone could this be a dream device for many? We think there could be a lot of people who’d like the specs and looks of the iPhone 4S but running the Android OS and it would be interesting to hear what you think about this so why not send us your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Sort of iPhone 4S running Android ICS 4.0”

  1. Kentek says:

    OK kool idea i don’t think i could downsize my screen on my nexus for iPhone’s tiny little screen but a better idea Rim releases bbconnect.apk for android how long before apple iPhone fades away
    i think rim and Google should merge.
    Remember when Nokia had bbconnect food for thought

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