Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for Asus Transformer

We have a bit of bad news for owners of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet today who are expecting their slate to receive an update to the latest Android operating system from the Google guys, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, an update that was expected to hit the Asus Transformer in January may get a little delayed.

According to the guys over at Talk Android, Asus Singapore posted an announcement on the Transformer Android 4.0 update to their Facebook page, which says that they have been informed that the ICS update for the TF101 (Asus Transformer) will be ready within the Feb/March 2012 period.

Thus it looks like Asus Transformer owners might have to wait until sometime in March to get Android Ice Cream Sandwich playing nice on their tablet, although frustrating, surely using Android 3.2 Honeycomb for a while longer wont be too bad.

Having said that of course, Asus originally said the Transformer would get ICS in January, then in mid-February, and now it looks like the update has slipped to March, so don’t be surprised if sometime in March Asus announced the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update will be delayed further as they seem to be getting into the habit.

No word on just why the Transformer ICS update may have been delayed or just when in March users can expect it to hit.

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2 thoughts on “Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for Asus Transformer”

    1. Anil K Solanki says:

      Hi  McLeod, why do ASUS keep making public commitments only to renege on them? My bet would be on getting ICS sometime in April/May. By the way, taking your time doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job. It simply means you’re taking your time.

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