Insight to Pokemon for Android

If you are a fan of Pokemon games and fancy playing with the cartoon characters on your Android device we have a little insight into getting Pokemon games to work on the Android platform for your consideration today although to get Pokemon games to work on an Android smartphone or tablet you will need a good Pokemon emulator.

A member of Techarena forums wants to play Pokemon games on their HTC Desire and asked if anyone whether there are any Pokemon games for Android to which the response was they would require a good Pokemon emulator albeit difficult to find.

However another forum member came up with a few details on what is required to play Pokemon games on an Android device so we thought we’d pass those details along to our Android readers in case they wish to play Pokemon games.

So here’s what advice forum member Fox28 came up with…purchase the GBCOID emulator at a cost of roughly 3-bucks, then you need to locate a good ROM of the game and download it to the handset system and transfer to the phone.

That done you then need to go through the GBCOID emulator to locate the particular ROM that matches the game, the open it and run it and then you are good to go apparently.

However we can’t of course vouch as to whether this actually gets Pokemon games to work on Android devices, but if anyone gives it a whirl feel free to let us know how you get on by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

Image courtesy of anime.com

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