iPhone 5 testers SMS recruitment is scam

Apparently the next generation iOS smartphone, currently known as the iPhone 5 is being used by cyber-criminals in an attempt to scam users out of their personal data by attempting to get internet users to signup to test the iPhone 5, something that should start people’s internal warning alarms ringing anyway.

According to the guys over at gmanetwork, security company Sophos has aid that numerous people have been contacted with an SMS message that Apple is looking for testers for the upcoming iPhone 5, and the message reads…

“Apple needs iPhone 5 testers! The first 1000 users who visit [Link] and enter code 4444 will get to test & keep the new iPhone5.”

Obviously receiving a message such as this should rattle the warning bells as Apple never give their new as yet unannounced devices out to the public for testing purposes as I am sure most of you will be aware.

So obviously anyone that clicks the link and enters the code won’t get a free iPhone 5, but will be duped into handing over your personal information that could or more than likely would be used for nefarious purposes.

So basically if you receive an SMS text message asking for testers for the iPhone 5, don’t bother as it is just a scam and you should report the SMS to your operator as they might be able to block those behind the scam.

So there you have it the latest SMS text scam involving the upcoming iPhone 5, have any of our readers received a text message like this recently?

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