Verimatrix & NXP Software: Secure streaming on Android devices

Word is NXP Software has partnered Verimatrix to enable the integration of Verimatrix ViweRight Web client security in the Android version of their LifeVibes QuickPlayer to enable enhanced security for adaptive streaming content to Android based smartphones and tablets.

This move opens a way for premium Internet TV services on Android devices with the latest version of LifeVibes QuickPlayer supporting rapid deployment of VCAS secured video service apps over at varied range of Android devices using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) adaptive bitrate protocol.

This enables an enhanced security infrastructure for HLS, which is fully compliant with requirements for licensing premium content and LifeVibes QuickPlayer delivers a “living room quality” user experience with smooth viewing without re-buffering, dropped service, visual artefacts even during network switches, and ensures a fast start to playback.

The marketing director of NXP software, Peter Van de Berg says that consumer demand for premium content on tablets and smartphones is growing fast and NXP is keen to help service providers meet the demand and by combining out know-how in high quality audio and video on mobile devices like Android with the expertise of Verimatrix in securing and enhancing revenue for multi screen digital TV services.

VCAS and ViewRight Web are components of the VCAS 3 architecture that delivers a proactive revenue security and enhanced approach to IPTV, hybrid and DVB broadcast networks with the ViewRight Web client family being a package of robust portable security applications for delivering enhanced security for HLS service delivery.

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