Determining first iPad 3 image as real or fake

As you probably know the next generation iOS tablet, the Apple iPad 3 is rumoured to be surfacing sometime next month with the first week of March previously tipped, but thus far we haven’t been treated to any images of what Apple’s next tablet will actually look like, will it be much different from the Apple iPad 2 or will it be virtually the same?

Well we now have the first purported image of the iPad 3 which come our way courtesy of the guys over at Cheap Laptops and by way of Hong Kong based newspaper Apple Daily, and it appears, if these pictures are real, the iPad 3 isn’t that much different to the previous Apple slate.

If these images are indeed spot on then it looks like Apple has done with the iPad 3 what they did with the iPhone 4S, and haven’t bothered to change the design, although apparently there are a couple of minor differences such as the rear edge looks to be a tad more gradual taper.

An 8 megapixel snapper has been widely rumoured, and the supposed iPad 3 image does seem to show the tablet sporting what looks like an 8 megapixel camera, but other than that the tablet looks much the same as all iOS slates.

What is insider the supposed iPad 3 is another guessing game at the moment of course, with a Retina Display, faster processor, improved battery, and 4G LTE all previously rumoured, but as far as I am aware unconfirmed.

So the big question here is, are these pictured of the iPad 3 the real deal or are they fake? Well if that unveiling date of the first week of March turns out to be true, we don’t have that long to wait to find out do we.

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