Discussing LG Optimus 3D ghost call problems

We wonder how many of you are owners of the LG Optimus 3D smartphone and opted to download the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread? It appears that some users who’ve updated to the Gingerbread OS are now beset by ‘ghost call’ problems and we’d like to know if this issue has affected you.

Although the upgrade to Gingerbread for Optimus 3D users promised improvements such as quicker 3G connectivity, a new video editor and better video quality it seems that some users have gained an added extra from the update and that this addition is definitely not a bonus. What it comes down to is that some Optimus 3D running Gingerbread users are now missing calls because their units neither ring and to make matters worse, do not even give indications of a missed call.

This was brought to our attention by Phone Arena who tell how the XDA Developers forum discusses this issue and how it could be caused by a faulty baseband. Flashing a different version may well get things back to normal or heading back to Android Froyo but this is pretty frustrating for those who want to make the most of their smartphones and the latest OS available for them. Other possible solutions include performing a complete wipe several times or using software to force the CPU to run constantly at 600MHz or more but not all users have found these moves worked for them. You can see a video below this story about this ghost call problem on the Optimus 3D from a user who’s had the problem after the Gingerbread update themselves.

Apparently LG has been made aware of this ‘ghost call’ problem but no official patch has been made available yet. We’d really like to hear from you if you’ve upgraded to Gingerbread on your Optimus 3D. Has everything worked smoothly for you or have you noticed any problems, ghost calls or otherwise? Why not let us know by sending us your comments below.

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58 thoughts on “Discussing LG Optimus 3D ghost call problems”

  1. disappointed_LG_user says:

    I had a lot of problems with ghost calls after update to GB. After a few days on GB I went back to Froyo and the problem dissapered. A have send a few emails to LG support in UK and their final answer was that the problem must be in network operator in my country(slovenia) and that I must be the only person with ghost call problem in the world!

    1. Wparadza says:

      Wayne in Canada having the same ghost call/ sms problem will never get or recommend an lg product to anyone ever. Poor customer service and support

      1. Gr8_usk says:

         Hi, Even I am facing the issues with network handling after the GB upgrade. Looks like the settings between 3G/Edge/Wifi not working properly. Many times though phone is on I can’t receive the calls nor access the internet. Even some times the wifi also got stuck when tried to swirch on, all I had to restart the phone itself. This is really worse not sure this is bug after GB upgrade OR something else.

        Let me know how to downgraded to Froyo.

  2. JR says:

    I also have a lot of problems with sudden lost of HSPA connection and ghost calls. Some more people in Hong Kong also complain of such a problem in the Facebook page “LG香港”, stating that friends can’t get into contact with him after he’s bought the phone!!!

  3. Psycho360 says:

    yep, i had updated my phone back in nov 2011 and since then it’s been plagued by ghost calls / ghost sms where the sender sees msg sent but my phone never receives it. 

    Also random boots, 4 ~5 a dayAlso wifi losses connection and doesnt switch on unless rebooting the phone.
    so that’s what i paid $700+ for a screwed up phone with no support from LG?

  4. dreccon says:

    Same here. I live in greece and had to downgrade to Froyo because of the ghost calls issue. I have contacted support in my country and emailed LG-UK. They said they would forward my fault report to the relative department and, IF it could be confirmed, they would do their best to fix it! Haven’t heard from them since…

  5. Dr_Jerremy says:

    Same here…I’m from Serbia,and I have problem with 
    ghost calls and missing sms …..
     I went back to Froyo  before LG give as some fix for this……

  6. Having the same problem in Romania – Vodafone, plenty of ghost calls and 
    reorganizing internal processes, please wait error
    I went back to Froyo and the problem dissapered.  I have send a few emails to LG support in Romania but no response so far.

  7. Alex Moeller says:

    I have the same problem in Germany as soon as I upgraded to Gingerbread.

    Downgrading back to Froyo may solve this problem but LG officially does not permit downgrading, and I don’t want to lose warranty by unrooting my phone which is required in order to downgrade.

  8. Yeah, when I updated my LG Optimus 3D to GB (v2.3.5, lg fw rev v21a) I started to have problems receiving calls and loss of network… A few weeks later I’ve updated to 21b but problem persisted (along with annoying “Reorganizing internal processes” messages that block all kind of comunications), but less frequent than v21a… 
    Recently I’ve reset my phone to factory defaults and cleared the cache partition… oddly enough, no more ghost calls or rip messages (yet)…

  9. Cassiano says:

    Same problem here in Brazil, using version v20A. Also having there “reorganizing internal processes” messages. I also noticed that the battery consumption monitor almost always displays wrong information, like google maps consuming 7576% of battery and 60 sec of battery left at whatever charge level I have, either full, half or nearlydepleted battery.

  10. I am in Canada. Rogers LG Optimus 3D P925G recently updated to v20c LG Official Gingerbreak Release. I get the ghost calls as well. Have not had any SMS issues as of yet. Hopefully with enough pressure LG moves a bit faster on the ICS Upgrade. 🙂 I know I know wishful thinking

  11. I am in Canada. Rogers LG Optimus 3D P925G recently updated to v20c LG Official Gingerbreak Release. I get the ghost calls as well. Have not had any SMS issues as of yet. Hopefully with enough pressure LG moves a bit faster on the ICS Upgrade. 🙂 I know I know wishful thinking

  12. I got mad with this Ghost….i missed very urgent calls and my life also effected….i will never recommend this LG forever, b/cause thousands owners suffering by Ghost calls & sms problem but LG is silent without giving any solution..what a big company ? what a shame?


  13. Matrix_unknown says:

    Same here keep getting the reorganizing internal processes error. When I make a call the call hangs and i cannot exit the call. Ghost calls and Ghost msgs. Contacted rogers they told me it must b on LGs side. Contacted LG and they told me it must be Rogers… Circle of garbage… Oh and Im the first one who ever contacted these companies in regards to this apparently.

  14. Stuart Curtis1975 says:

    in 2 weeks i had 3 phones as first 2 turned themselves off .. my 3rd phone is in repair for the 3rd time with a problem connecting to the internet ,, also it has been reset 7 times in shop.. stay well away 

  15. From_Jeddah says:

    Also same problem occurred
    in Saudi Arabia . When I bought this phone since three months ago, I done allot
    of propaganda to all of my  friends. I
    will never buy LG phone, not because LG has such a serious bug, but there UNRELIABLY
    nil response

  16. Scotty Dog says:

    Have to admit that i do have quicker 3g connectivity but at the expense of ghost call/sms.  Cant wait to upgrade my phone to anything other than LG.  Phone does have alot of potential but wasted with the software buffs at LG,.  They’re updates take 2 year to catch up withthe rest of the mobile companies but best of all they are still released with errors.  WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PHONE

  17. Jhjoboyd says:

     Problems on Rogers Canada too. Both Rogers and LG deny any knoledge of
    the exsistance of this issue. I updated my phone in the middle of
    February, seemed ok for a week or so, then ghost calls and missed texts
    started happening. I have restored it and even reinstalled the firmware
    fresh a few times and the problem just keeps getting worse, in addition,
    I now have random loss of data connection, “reorganizing internal
    process” for 2-3 minutes wen I try to make an outgoing call and
    occasionaly my phone will ring and ring indeffenately when I miss a call
    even though I have voice mail, and I must restart my phone to stop the
    ringing. Thank you for running this story as I want everyone on earth to
    know I will never buy any LG product again due to there “deny the
    problem” approch to customer support, and I hope no one else does
    either. BTW, anyone want to buy a used LG Phone, TV, DVD Player, Sterio
    or Washer and Dryer? Next time I buy a different brand period.

    1. Aelkays says:

       Just got of the phone with Rogers & LG and they claim there is nothing wrong with the LG phones and there are no problems reported…I regret not going to the iphone 4S rather than this piece of crap

  18. Just realised that this behaviour is exactly what I’m seeing on my LG Optimus 3D. Phone not ringing when called, nor notification made. And the infuriating ‘reorganising internal processes’ message that basically means a reboot is required.

    Any and all solutions gratefully received!

  19. Ehab245654 says:

    About a week ago, my P920 LG Optimus 3D phone displayed that there is an update and I agreed to install it. It seems that it upgraded something in the firmware and the software of the phone. It seems better now, but not sure to which extent. I don’t know if it solved the ghost calls or not, but all the trials till now says it did , perhaps except one trial that I would not count when the phone was already hanging 🙂

    Ehab of Egypt.

  20. Bogdan Popescu says:

    I live in Romania and miss important calls due to ghost calls. From time to time when I want to make a call it says ‘reorganizing internal processes’ and can’t call without resetting the phone. It goes into sleep of death at least 2 times a day. I did a hardware reset and cleaned the cache partition without any success. I’ve tried a lot of programs that should stop the phone entering into sleep but they just drain out the battery when the phone doesn’t turn off by itself. After the last hardware reset I haven’t installed any third-party software and even tried to use the phone without a memory card. Nothing helped. I can’t forgive myself for not buying HTC Evo 3D. This phone is as bad as my LG 3D TV. I will never buy any product from LG again. LG Optimus 3D is the worst phone I’ve ever head. Until buying it I thought that Sony Ericsson phones are the worst because of the problems I had with my most expensive Sony phone. Their support is as bad as LG’s. Now I have no other option but switching back to my old Nokia phone.

  21. Kayla Forbes says:

    A couple of weeks ago my phone would drop calls (loud beep in my ear I normally associate with getting a text) and whenever I tried to call the person back I would get the “reorganizing internal processes” message a few times before I could successfully call the person back and it would invariably do the same thing at least twice more. Everyone else who seems to have the issue has downloaded Gingerbread but I still have Froyo and am having this issue. This is starting to get really frustrating.

  22. Aelkays says:

    Just called LG and complained about this issue. They claim that there is no issue and they have never heard of it. Customer Service by LG is the worst ever i have eperinced

  23. Damonous says:

     Check what bluetooth items you have connected to your LG.  I’ve had the P925 (US ATT Thrill) running the 2.3 update via manual flash since about Jan 2012.  I’ve noticed that certain bluetooth watches can demonstrably cause the ‘ghost call/text’ issue.  I’ve seen it with WimmOne and certain MetaWatch firmwares, but not when using Sony MBW-150 or LG Prada Link.

    I’m not saying that anyone here is ‘wrong’, there may be an issue with LG’s firmware.  However, in my case, this was repeatable: I could connect the devices in question listed above and experience the ‘ghost’ problem; then disconnect them and have my P925 run just fine.

  24. B.Y'z says:

    Mine came with android 2.3 i did no upgrading and i still have this problem..all servises stop and the phone says its reorganizing internal proesses..nuthing works untill i shut down tha phone and take tha battery out..real anoying because it doesnt say wen its happening or for how long until i need to make a call and if i missed calls it doesnt tell me about them

  25. carol says:

    I have an lg optimus 3d having the same problem with ghost calling and ghost texts, also when online after a couple of mins on a web siet i get kicked off the sit. really fed up with it. stuck with the phone for an other 18 months so fed up with it. would never have another lg.

  26. Trevor Campbell says:

    I’ve had the “reorganizing internal process” error lots of times since the gingerbread update. Very Frustrating. Also, people often don’t get my text messages and I often don’t receive those incoming. Don’t know if that’s related to the OS or not.

  27. SupraGuy says:

    Definitely affected by this problem. I had high hopes for the Gingerbread update, but I really can’t afford to be missing calls on this phone. Got to go back to Froyo.

  28. diplfish says:

    I updated my phone 2 weeks ago, I am now unable to download or update any apps to my phone, it randomly drops calls for no apparent reason, and randomly has bluetooth connection issues with my car. None of the issues existed the day before I updated my phone, and have been happening consistently since I updated.

    It was randomly rebooting before the update, but that has stopped, however my apps are now randomly force closing.

    I’m disappointed with this phone, and the os issues that I have been having. My next phone will either be Samsung if I decide to stay with Android, or I will go to another platform.

  29. REL says:

    My p920 (Optimus 3D) is very slow since upgrade to Gingerbread. I get the message wait for ‘internal processes to reorganize’ or ‘internal memory…’? and then I cannot make any calls for a while. Apps are also affected. Switching processes on phone is also very slow. Upgrade was also very frustrating and took forever. The software for the update is very poorly written. The instructions for its use are terribly translated into English so you have no idea what you are supposed to do. Why don’t they get a native speaker to translate!!!!!!!!!!

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