iPhone 4 reception problems, users blessed with reimbursement

Remember way back when Apple first delivered the iPhone 4 with its external antenna, that turned Apple’s world upside down when iPhone 4 users in their masses complained about reception problems, something that hit the headlines in the mobile space as “antennagate” and resulted in numerous iPhone 4 users bringing a class action lawsuit?

Well according to the guys over at Digital Trends, by way of Cnet, that class action lawsuit against Apple has finally been resolved and the outcome of that class action lawsuit is that owners of the iPhone 4 over in the United States will be entitled to a 30-buck bumper case or $15 cash.

A spokesperson for Apple told Cnet that the case involved a “small number” of users that experienced reception or antenna issues with their iPhone 4 and at the time did not wish to take advantage of Apple’s offer of a free bumper case.

Apparently in the coming weeks a website will go live, www.iPhone4Settlement.com, currently unavailable, where customers will be able to make a claim along with locating info about the settlement, and apparently as part of that settlement emails will be sent out to those original purchasers before the 30th of April this year, and the claims period will be open for 120 days.

Co-lead counsel representing the class, Ira Rothken says, that they believe the settlement is adequate, reasonable and fair, and that the choice of $15 cash or an iPhone bumper case is proportional to the circumstances.

Seems to me that basically the class action has been a bit of a waste of time, as it appears those that brought the lawsuit may have well just accepted Apple’s original offer of a free bumper case in the first place, agree or disagree?

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