Google Chrome with hidden ICS Easter Eggs

So the word is that the new Google beta Chrome browser has a couple of Ice Cream Sandwich Easter eggs, and whilst the Calendar widget ICS Easter egg was somewhat clever and funny apparently one of the ICS Easter eggs in the beta Chrome browser is apparently a great deal of work for little reward.

According to the guys over at Rootzwiki, the first Easter egg is shown in the “show all tabs” area, and if you have a minimum of one tab open and click on the open all tabs button and swipe up 5 times the tabs will flip around and show the Chrome logo on the back like a pack of Chrome playing cards, just a little graphical fun really.

However when it comes to the second Android Ice Cream Sandwich Easter egg its somewhat more labour intensive as you will need to open up a staggering one hundred tabs, yep that’s 100 of them, and when you hit that one-hundredth tab apparently the tab doesn’t have enough room to show 3 digits and thus is replaced by a smiley face (image below.)

And there you have it the two hidden ICS Easter eggs that can be found in Google’s beta Chrome browser, so all you need to do now is give it a go and see if it works for you.

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