Nokia Lumia 610 doing the Windows Tango

With Mobile World Congress 2012 just around the corner we are bracing ourselves for an influx of new smartphone news. However details are already out today on a Nokia Lumia 610, which looks as though it could be the first handset to launch using Windows Phone Tango.

As such the Lumia 610 could certainly attract a fair amount of interest but at present there’s not a lot of detail to pass on to you. The Lumia 700 that has already released was a cheaper option to the Lumia 800 and so it makes sense to assume a Lumia 610 could be an even more affordable phone. News of this upcoming Nokia handset came via the Indonesian Postal, which showed the certification for the Lumia 610.

Over at 3G.co.uk they tell how the Indonesian Postal has previously been a reliable source of information so we have no reason to doubt the Lumia 610 is forthcoming. The fact that it could be dancing the Tango is of key importance as the Windows Phone Tango OS has been developed with affordable smartphones in mind. Although it’s unlikely then that the Lumia 610 will be anything other than run of the mill as far as specs go, it will be interesting to find out more when it’s made official.

Although at this stage it’s conjecture, 3G have taken a guess at some of the specs we might see from the Lumia 610 and has come up with a single-core processor, 3.2-megapixel camera and 512MB of RAM so not exactly top drawer although of course this is merely a prediction. Ubergizmo informs that Nokia is expected to reveal 6 devices at MWC in Barcelona so it looks likely that the Lumia 610 could be unveiled there.

Would you be tempted to a phone like the Nokia Lumia 610, especially if the leak of the Windows Phone Tango OS featuring is accurate? We’ll let you know more on this phone as we hear it.

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