The Simpsons game free-to-play for iOS devices

If you’re a fan of the American hit show The Simpsons, then you will pleased to hear that a free-to-play mobile game on iOS is now available. For devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the game courtesy of EA Mobile will allow you to direct the characters that you have grown to love around the city with the emphasis of rebuilding it due to Homer accidentally taking out the entire city.

Available in the iTunes store in the not so distant future, as usatoday.com reported you will be able to not only rebuild the city, but will have to find the main characters that can be located throughout. The game works on the principle that you have to unlock the characters such as Homer being the first, then Lisa and so on.

In a brief statement from EA’s Senior VP of global social and mobile publishing he said, “The premise is Homer accidentally causes a meltdown and wipes out Springfield and it is up to you as the player to rebuild it and help him find Marge, Bart and all the rest of Springfield characters. He is literally unlocking all these iconic and fantastic properties, as well as the characters that are associated with them.”

Are you an avid Simpsons fan? Which one’s your favourite character? Will you be downloading the new iOS game?

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