iPhone case includes self defence pepper spray

Now we all know just how attractive the iPhone is to smartphone thieves, and given the opportunity muggers will take your smartphone, cash and cards; however if you own an iPhone there is a new case available that comes with a little mugging deterrent in the form of a canister of pepper spray to douse any would be mugger in the face with.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of iBlastPhone, the new case has been introduced by SmartGuard and is the first iPhone case to feature pepper spray for self defence.

The company says that the SmartGuard Pepper Spray iPhone case delivers a spray range of approximately 1.5 metres roughly 5-feet and can deliver a total of 6 bursts of 12-seconds per burst so you can defend yourself when being attacked.

The SmartGuard Pepper Spray iPhone case features an integrated tab that prevents accidental discharge of the pepper spray, and to make use of the canister it has to be removed from the case.

Apparently the SmartGuard Pepper Spray case is for all iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 models and is available in white, black and pink and commands a price tag of 37.50 Euros, roughly 50-bucks and can be purchased from the SmartGuard website.

However I am not too convince that having a canister of pepper spray on hand with your iOS smartphone is that good an idea really as there are no doubt a few out there that would be tempted to use the pepper spray on others without cause just to see it in action rather than just for self defence, what do you reckon?


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