Apple iPad ban refused by Shanghai court

I am fairly sure most are aware of the continuing battle Apple has over the iPad trademark in China, with the iOS slates being removed from sale in certain outlet as not to bring down the wrath of the authorities. However it appears that not every court in China sides against Apple as word is a Shanghai court has rejected the ban on the Apple iPad.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, by way of Reuters, an unnamed source that has direct knowledge of the ruling says a court in Shanghai has come down on Apple’s side in the matter and has refused to grant the request by Proview to ban the iOS slate from sale.

Recently a lower court in China’s Guangdong province did the opposite and came down on the side of Proview against Apple and advised distributors to stop selling Apple iPad tablets.

However no doubt the trademark dispute over just who owns the iPad moniker in China still has a way to run before a final decision is made, as Proview claim they haven’t sold the Chinese trademark and wants compensation whilst Apple claims the iPad trademark was purchased on their behalf back in 2009.

Thus it would seem for the time being at least, those in Shanghai will still be able to purchase the Apple iPad openly. One does have to wonder though just when all this trademark fighting will come to a head and be resolved once and for all.

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