Upcoming Google Android Glasses: Gimmick or awesome?

Here at Phones Review we’re used to reporting on the latest innovations in the tech world and today we’re bringing you news on Google Android glasses. Apparently these will be specially designed glasses with a built in screen a few inches from the eyes and right now we’re not sure what to make of the idea. Are Google’s Android glasses a gimmick or awesome? Perhaps you’d like to tell us what you think.

We first heard the idea about Android glasses back in December and gave a few details but now the story has reemerged and it seems these unique glasses could be in the hands of consumers by the end of 2012. The idea is that these special Android thick-rimmed glasses will have an in-built screen that the wearer can view as they go about their usual business.

Apart from the Android connection other things anticipated for these glasses are 3G/4G data connectivity and GPS and motion support and the glasses will also come with a camera. Imagine being able to stream information to the wearer’s eyes in real time! As these sound like something from the future you may be wondering what exorbitant price tag these Android glasses may come with but in fact Droid-Life reports that they may only be the price of your average smartphone, so around the $300 to $600 mark.

According to The New York Times, Google has so far declined to comment on these Android glasses. However they are described as looking like a pair of Oakley Thumps so not exactly unobtrusive. They are apparently not designed for constant use but more when use requires, as with smartphones. It’s also thought that the Google X team is already considering privacy issues, for example, making sure it’s apparent to people if they are being filmed by someone wearing them.

It will be interesting to see how this project develops so we’d like to know if you would consider walking around in these unique glasses. Is this something you can imagine everyone wearing within 10 years or do you think they will never catch on. Gimmick or awesome?


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