Gevey Ultra S SIM for iPhone 4S (GSM)

If you wish to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S without having to jailbreak the iOS smartphone you might like to know that you can now pre-order the Gevey Ultra S SIM for the GSM iPhone 4S, which apparently allows for a true plug and play iPhone 4S unlock solution without the need to connect to any external device or even jailbreaking your handset so your warranty will remain intact.

The Gevey Ultra S F981 chipset has been engineered to work under the 3-volt standard and as such your battery life will not be affected and still last as long. All you do is simply pop in the Gevey Ultra S SIM and unlock your iPhone with your original SIM card.

There is no need to dial international emergency number 112 during installation and rebooting, and delivers a complete unlock on all 2G and 3G date services, no physical modification or SIM cutting is required, works on iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1, and baseband 1.0.11, 1.013, 1.0.14.

The Gevey Ultra S SIM has also been engineered to enhance signal strength delivering a strong voice and data communication, and decreases power consumption. However the Gevey Ultra S SIM is only for all GSM iPhone 4S handsets and is not compatible with CDAM iPhones.

We have a short demonstration video of the Gevey Ultra SIM for the GSM iPhone 4S for your viewing pleasure below, which last seven and a half minutes so don’t forget to head on down and check out the footage.

For those GSM iPhone 4S users that would like to take advantage of the Gevey Ultra S SIM you can pre-order the SIM from Applenberry at a cost of $54.99 with an estimated shipping date of between the 3rd of March and March the 7th.


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