iPhone 5 micro dock connector keeping rumors alive

Another day, another iPhone 5 rumor, but we feel it’s our duty to keep readers informed as it’s likely that at least some of the conjecture will become a reality. The latest speculation concerns a ‘micro’ dock connector for the iPhone 5, which could conceivably make extra room for other components.

The new micro dock connector would be likely to come to not only the iPhone but also the iPad and iPod touch and the iPhone 5 is likely to be the first recipient. Although it would mean that another adapter would be needed for your iOS devices the main advantage would be that extra space, which could be used for iPhone improvements. For example a larger battery would be a big bonus especially after the many gripes about the battery life of the current iPhone, the iPhone 4S.

News of this new dock connector comes courtesy of VentureBeat, sourced from iMore and rather than the microUSB standard used by most mobile manufacturers the micro docking port is likely to be a completely new design. As more and more transfers of information to iOS devices are now performed over the air, the importance of a power cord is becoming less important and it could well be that in future the dock connector could be used merely for connecting to third-party accessories or for charging. You may want to check out this article, which tells more about accessories that would need to be replaced if indeed a revamped dock connector does appear on the next iPhone. It also tells how the extra space is important for LTE connectivity.

We’ve recently told about an iPhone concept design, the possibility of T-Mobile acquiring a future iPhone and news that an iPhone 5 release may not come until the fall so hit the links if any of those aspects interests you. For now we’d like to hear what you think of a new micro dock connector for the iPhone 5. Do you think the advantages would outweigh the annoyance of having to use a new adapter and replacing accessories. Why not let us know.

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