New iPhone 5 design not reality but possible

Despite a multitude of rumours leading up to Apple’s iPhone announcement in 2011, the iPhone 4S handset arrived with an add on of specs but very little design change. Although disappointment was felt, it didn’t stop a sea of consumers picking up the device.

With the 4S introduction, attention then centred on the fifth generation and when we were likely to see it. The handset’s specs, name, price and release date have all been a massive talking point and today news continues about how the device will look in terms of appearance.

Plenty of people have been designing their own concepts of what they think the phone will look like, and according to Mashable the time has come for Italian designer Federico Ciccarese to bring us his own mock-up which we have to say is ticking the boxes. Although in reality the handset may not look anything like Ciccarese’s concept, its fair to say that it could be possible!

On looking at the design, the Italian has come up with an iPhone that incorporates a slight curved back, which tapers off at the top and bottom of the handset. The backing looks to be that of aluminium which can in similarity be compared to other Apple products such as the MacBook range and iMac, with the Apple logo shining brightly through.

As you can see the screen looks to be that of a Retina style with the headphone jack moving to the side of the device.

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Let us know what you think about Ciccarese’s iPhone 5 concept?


One thought on “New iPhone 5 design not reality but possible”

  1. Rook says:

    i have read some articles on the new iphone and they say that the curved back is designed to “easily” fit into the palm of your hand. I don’t know about anyone else but i feel you would be hard pressed to find a person that holds their phone vertically. the design for the backside of the phone is quite poor in that aspect.

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