Samsung Exynos quad core processor, less is more

Last year saw an explosion of smartphones being released with the added benefit of packing a dual-core processor. This year the news has centred on the launch of devices with quad-core processors particularly Nvidia Tegra 3 smartphones from HTC and LG, along with the possibility that Apple’s new iPad 3 will come with an improved A5X or even brand new A6 processor.

Today it’s the turn of South Korean company Samsung of who have shown off a new processor at the International Solid State Circuits Conference. According to unwiredview.com, the new Exynos chip is available as a dual-core or quad-core with frequencies as reported being from 200 MHz to 1.5GHz.

The company’s current Exynos chip is built using a 45nm process, but a change has been stated with the new Exynos chip being manufactured with a 32nm, giving better performance quality without the strain of using too much power, so as you can see ‘less is more.’ In fact Samsung have said that in terms of performance, it gives up to 26% more than the current 45nm, with battery life improved by half. This in itself is good news for consumers who rely on battery performance when making their choice of device.

Samsung will be announcing their brand new Exynos processor next week at the yearly Mobile World Congress event kicking off on the 27th.

Give us your thoughts on the company announcing a new chip that gives better performance and improved battery life?

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