Ixonos 3D Engine improving smartphone experience

Whilst at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, lxonos an exclusive preview of the soon to be released lxonos 3D Engine, which will apparently deliver the richness of the visual universe to its layers and dimensions to the mobile space via smartphones by creating their own user interface engine that will enable the design of elegant, natural 3D user experiences.

Apparently the lxonos 3D engine can offer the user a rapid design and implementation of customised high performance 3D UI’s for companies that are looking to differentiate their wireless devices from other wireless devices.

The lxonos 3D engine uses a devices GPU and CPU chips for guaranteed top performance along with high quality graphics, and at MWC 2012 in Barcelona visitors got a chance to see the allure of two differing reference user interface demonstrations functioning on a wide range of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and lxonos’s own smartphone reference design.

The head of user experience design at lxonos, Sami Paihonen says that their core audience consists of makers of smartphones and feature phones, and other wireless devices especially the Android platform, and that the engine free them from the limitations of operating systems.

Paihonen also remarked that lxonos has the capability to design and implement 3D UI’s on all major platforms from Android to iOS, and Tizen to Windows Phone 7, whilst bringing 3D experiences alive on high-end and low-end mobile devices.

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