Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor featuring Adreno 320 GPU

The Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona has kicked off for this year and with it will no doubt come some exciting news from manufacturers. In the last few days, we’ve already spoken about Samsung’s new Galaxy Beam being shown off at the event this week, Acer’s new CloudMobile and this morning HTC’s new Dragon range for Mainland China.

Now it seems Qualcomm have announced their very own Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor for prying eyes with the intention of it coming in the second half of this year. Bringing a Pro version S4 MSM8960 processor, it is hoped that Qualcomm will raise the stakes in terms of offering even more to mobile computing devices, with the emphasis on upped performance and benchmarking results. Along with this, global 3G and 4G support will be allowed whilst the use of energy levels will also be improved.

As reported from qualcomm.com, the S4 Pro processor will pack an Adreno 320 GPU of which will benefit devices with higher resolution displays as well as hardware and software existing side by side. Performance wise, this will be upped by four times giving the user an improved experience in web browsing, graphics applications and so on.

On the subject of graphics, 3D effects will be made more realistic thanks to the new Adreno 320 with hardware acceleration of advanced rendering, click onto the link above for more details.
The new S4 has been developed with advances in operating systems including the up and coming Microsoft Windows 8.

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