Android 5.0 Jelly Bean possible launch in fall

If you are one of the Android faithful out there I’m sure you will already know that after Android Ice Cream Sandwich the next operating system from the Google guys will be Android 5.0 otherwise known as Jelly Bean, keeping in line with Google’s sweet naming, and it appears that there is a possibility that Jelly Bean could arrive this fall.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Computer World, during MWC 2012, Hiroshi Lockheimer, a Google vice president of engineering for mobile let it slip that although rumours have said Android 5.0 would likely see launch in summer, Android Jelly Bean will not launch until sometime in the fall.

Android 5.0 is currently being referred to as Jelly Bean but the Google Guys have thus far not slapped an official stamp on the name for the next Android operating system, but considering thus far OS’s have gone in alphabetical order with a desert flavour, Jelly Bean stands a good chance of being right.

Apparently Lockheimer said that after Android 4.0 comes Android 5.0 and we haven’t announced any timing yet, as it’s still being sorted out and requires a lot of engineering. Having said that, Lockheimer goes on to say that they are flexible and the timing of releases is not what drives them but rather innovation and user experience.

Thus it would appear that Android Jelly Bean may possible launch sometime in the fall rather than in the summer. Still, let’s face it, Android Ice Cream Sandwich hasn’t really bee around that long has it, so delivering Jelly Bean later would probably be better.

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