Box for Android keeping customers happy

If you are on the Android platform and are using the Box for Android application you might be pleased to know that Box are keeping customers quite happy by updating the Android app with new and improved features along with even more free cloud storage, in fact with the Box for Android app you now get 50GB of free storage.

So what is new in this updated version of Box for Android? Well the user can now view and add comments to files, invite folder collaborations, an updated UI that takes advantage of the standard Action Bar, improved uploading experience including you can now batch upload multiple files from an SD card, now localised in French, Spanish, German and Italian, and App2SD.

Of course the biggest thing is that free 50GB of storage, and to get that 50GB all you need to do is login to your account before Friday March the 23rd.

Currently the Box for Android app has received 4,777 five star ratings and judging by the user reviews customers seem to be pretty happy with the app and especially that valuable free 50 GB storage, with some saying the app is simple and easy to use and a great alternative to Dropbox.

So if you are an Android user and haven’t yet grabbed the Box for Android app, or you are and haven’t yet grabbed that 50GB of free storage you can do so right now for free by hitting up the Android Market and downloading the app o your chosen Android device.

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